As a non profit BAM relies on the generosity of its sponsors to make our events more enjoyable.
If you would like to become an official BAM sponsor please contact BAM Manager Hermine.
If you have product you would like to sample or items/services you would like to donate for our raffles,
we will gladly accept them.  Please contact Hermine for opportunities.




BAM is excited to announce that ALTA Physical Therapy and Pilates and
has renewed it's sponsorship commitment with BAM for 2018

Check their "CLINICAL SPLASH" BLOG on our HOMEPAGE for tips and exercises.
ALTA will be hosting a series of clinics exclusively for BAM members to answer questions and provide information about rehabilitation techniques.  Dates and Times to be announced shortly.

ALTA is Boulder’s premiere physical therapy and Pilates practice, serving our community for over 20 years. Our therapists have decades of experience honed by the passion to help you lead an active, pain-free life. Our expertise includes swim analysis, running analysis, trigger point dry needling, post-operative rehabilitation, balance training and Tai Chi, BodyTalk therapies, and manual therapy.  Attached are a few brochures that explain these practices in greater detail.

Contact Us
2955 Baseline Road
Boulder, Colorado 80303




Spine West is a physiatry based medical practice in Boulder specializing in non-operative management of musculoskeletal conditions.  We diagnose and treat various joint problems, back and neck pain, arm and leg pain, weakness and numbness.  We emphasize restoration of function utilizing a collaborative and team approach.  

Dr John Tobey is an avid swimmer and long time BAM member.  He swam at the University of Utah while doing his residency.  He was also Captain of the Utah Swim Team.  He is married to BAM Coach Stacey Tobey.





NatureMed is an integrative medical clinic comprised of 4 naturopathic doctors and one medical doctor working together to provide optimal health options. We have been serving the Boulder community since 2002. We bridge the gap between alternative and conventional medicine by providing MD and ND care under one roof without concierge fees. We also have Boulder's first Drip Room with oversight by an MD for non-patients who want IV therapy for recovery and optimal health. Our doctors have extensive training in the area of Lyme, Cardiovascular disease prevention, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Integrative Oncology and Optimizing performance for athletes of all levels. 

Doctor Kelly Parcell has been a member of BAM for several years and as a competitive athlete attributes her progress in the pool wholeheartedly to the amazing coaches and lane-mates who push her to improve. 

Kelly Parcell, RND, ND
T: 303.884.7557
F: 303.448.9069




Astrophysicist/author Jeff Bennett has swum with Jane Scott’s group and BAM swimmer since 1982.  His writing and teaching have won numerous awards, including the American Institute of Physics science communication award. His 6 books for children, published through his company Big Kid Science, have all been selected to be read by astronauts from the International Space Station for NASA’s “Story Time From Space” program. He is a frequent invited speaker on topics including math and science eduction, Einstein’s theory of relativity, the possibility of life beyond Earth, and global warming.  
                                       BAM Members get a 30% Discount: In the “Voucher” section near the bottom of the page, enter coupon code “BAM.” The 30% discount will be applied when you click “recalculate.”


BRL Sports Nutrition

BRL Sports Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company founded in 2008 that recently made the INC500 list for fastest growing small businesses in America. We offer unique science driven nutritional formulas, which give an edge to athletes during training, recovery and competition. We look for quality natural ingredients to incorporate in our products. Everything you need to perform at your best!

BRL will be supporting some of the BAM swim practices and events at the Boulder Reservoir with our endurance and recovery drink, TRIFUEL, and also introducing other supplements and protein shakes in different occasions. Attached is a brochure that explains each product with more detail.

BRLSports offers BAM members a 20% discount at www.brlsports.com and at your local store*

*find a store near to you in our in our website’s locator




Orangetheory Theory Fitness
is excited to be a partner of the BAM Bare Bones Events.

Get ready for the most intense and effective workout to compliment your BAM swim training!  Orangetheory Fitness offers heart-rate monitored, interval training, designed to keep your heart rate in the Orange Zone. Certified personal trainers lead a small group through a dynamic and fun, one-hour workout.  
The results are more energy, visible toning, accelerated weight-loss and extra calorie afterburn. You will experience a direct improvement in your swimming fitness. It’s called the Orange Effect, a result that will help you achieve your personal fitness goals!
Watch this short video to get an idea of what to expect:  OTF Video -Secret Weapon 

We will be raffling a free one month membership at the Bare Bones event this Saturday - so be sure to stop by our booth; look for the Orange tent.
Orangetheory Fitness is also offering all BAM members a special discount on monthly memberships!  
BAM members will also receive two free workouts (for a limited time).

 Call 303-530-9663, visit our site or stop by the studio in the 29th St. Mall (next to Macy's) to reserve your free introductory classes.  
Please mention your BAM membership.



Dr Jeff Patrician is a BAM member and formber BAM Sponsor
All BAM members receive a very special 10% discount off dental work. 

720- 627-5773