Jane Scott, President

Jane was born and raised in Davis, California.
She started swimming at age 3 and swam through high school before joining the Water Polo team in College.

She holds a BS in Exercise Science fom the University of Santa Barbara, CA and an MA in Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Before becoming a full time coach Jane taught Sociology at college level.

In 1991 Jane founded Boulder Aquatic Masters and has been coaching Masters for over 30 years. Jane was named Swim Coach of the Year by Triathlete Magazine and Colorado Masters Swim Coach of the year.
She enjoys teaching all levels from beginners to world class triathletes.

John Gratz, Vice-President

John was born and raised in Memphis, Tennesse but have been in Boulder since 1984
John works in the software industry and wears many hats.
His swimming experiense was limited to swimming laps until he joined BAM 20 years and became a super star..:)
How long have you been swimming with BAM? 20 years
In his words "I joined the BAM board to give back to an organization that has made a significant impact on my life and the lives  of many others. Many member I know met their spouse at BAM and have gone on to raise a family rooted in swimming. What a positive experience BAM provides to its members!!"

Annie Hamilton

Annie was born in the east, migrated to Colorado as soon as possible.
She worked as a Project Manager for IBM for almost 30 years and is now happilly retired.  Her hobbies are knitting, running, road and mountain biking.  
Annie started swimming two years ago when a biking friend suggested they train for a triathlon.  Two sprints down, totally thanks to BAM.
Her goal for 2017 is to swim a mile in open water.
Annie joined the BAM boad because she wanted to help and be more involved in the decisions that affect BAM swimmers.

Stephanie Bachman

Stephanie was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. 
Stephanie is a lawyer by trade and is the Senior Principal Deal Strategy Manager at Oracle.
Her swimming experience as a kid was limited to summer league and HS teams, but as an adult she jumped back into swimming while training for triathlons. 
She has been swimming with BAM since 2013 when she moved to Boulder from Atlanta.
Stephanie joined the board because she loves to swim and the friends she made through BAM. She likes that the program offers swimming to all parts of the community throughout the day/evening and is combined with rec center access at reasonable prices.

Ulla Hester

Ulla was born and raised in Brilon, Germany.
On dry land she works as a transportation planning consultant, often promoting biking, walking and transit as alternatives to driving.
Ulla joined BAM in July of 2013 and competed in her first Bare Bones swim a week after moving to Boulder from Boston. She has trained with masters teams in California and Massachusetts and lists the 50 Freestyle, the Charles River Swim, which she founded, and the Alcatraz swim as her favorite races. Ulla joined the board as treasurer to give back to a team and a sport that has given so much to her. 

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